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Potemkin, Grigory

Grigory Potemkin is the namesake of the USS Potemkin. An 18th century Russian (Earth) general and statesman--and, famously, a long-time lover of Russian Empress Catherine the Great--Potemkin was influential in expanding Tsarist Russia's territory and military.

In 2387, an away team from the USS Potemkin were introduced to Grigory Potemkin early in his political and military career by the Traveler Wesley Crusher. Bizarrely, the human Potemkin had a warp signature--the same warp signature as the USS Potemkin. As Crusher explained, the human Potemkin and the starship Potemkin were, at least at that moment in time, one and the same. (TEM: Indistinguishable from Magic, Part I)

Potemkin was later injured in a duel, losing the use of his right eye. Suffering from a potential warp core breach, the part man/part ship was saved through the combined efforts of Doctor Arnet, Admiral Warp, and Varric Drosan. (TEM: "Indistinguishable from Magic, Part II")

Potemkin once again suffered an imminent warp core breach when a tetrahedral quartz bathed in antineutrinos was brought into close contact with him, breaking down his internal antimatter containment field. He was saved this time by "ejecting" his warp core, separating him from the ship, and then replacing his heart with a new one Doctor Arnet and Nurse Ceja were able to create using the super-scientific device known as the "Tsar Heart," which itself was transmuted into a new heart for Potemkin. Grigory's heart is now, in fact, the Tsar Heart. (TEM: "Indistinguishable from Magic, Part III")

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