A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Krayne, Professor

A scientist living in the Hollow conducting research on the possibility of life existing in subspace. His research was focussed on finding evidence of such beings and contacting them. He was a tall lanky man with a beak of a nose and over sized feet. For over a year he had been attracted to Katrina Assel, daughter of the head of the mining facility, but had gained a fierce rival in Van Brom.

An away team from the Potemkin met Krayne when they attended a festival being held to celebrate the first rich yield of dilithium in the Hollow. He was intrigued by the crew's encounter with transporter victims living in subspace and invited Rollands and Arkin to visit his lab and review his findings. However, a "phantom" Tholian vessel soon appeared and Krayne grew convinced that ghost ship was honing in on him. He took a shuttle and set off to escape. However, the Tholian fired on him just when it was being fired on by the 'Tem. When the explosion settled, there was no evidence of Krayne or his ship.

Jordan suspect that Van Brom had used his latent emphatic ability to create the vessel and get away with offing his romantic rival, but there was no proof.

Arkin would later realize that the anti-protons being emitted by the Stellar Fountain matched the subspace frequencies used by Krayne in his research.

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