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John Harker

A 24th century con man in league with his partners, Bob (ostensibly his brother) and Blurgh. Harker dressed like an old Earth pirate and claimed to have single-handedly attacked a Borg cube with an old fashion cannon - a fact later begrudgingly collaborated by Prax. He also owned a "vibration-variator" which allowed him to phase through solid matter and beam through shields.

Harker's con involvinged pretend Blurgh was an alien princess who eloped with him and requesting asylum from Federation ships when Bob would arrive in an alien ship and threaten battle with the Federation.

Harker and Blurgh tried this con on the Potemkin, but Harker let slip that something was not on the level, destroying the entire charade. Harker tried to flee with a short-range tele porter, but only wound up back on the 'Tem's bridge.

Harker, Bob, and Blurgh were left on their vessel (with the engines disable) and a DS9 crew was dispatched to take care of the meddlesome three. However, it was revealed that Harker did stop off in engineering and stole half a dilithium crystal and a console before being stranded.

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