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The Potemkin's enigmatic bartender, known only as Jim, is the master of the October Lounge and counselor and confidant to many among the crew. He has a reputation for uncanny insights into the personal lives of the ship's personnel, and a knack for saying exactly what a person needs to hear, even if it's not realized at the time.

Jim has been a constant in Eight Forward since the previous bartender, Steve, left the ship with Captain Christiaan Back.

It is rumored that Jim played a role in the salvage and repair of the Potemkin after extensive damage at the hands of the Qualitarians. He was aboard the ship during its secret refit, but rumors of responsibility for the ship's salvation are, at best, unsubstantiated.

During the events of "Return to the Saddle" it was revealed that he had an estranged son David, who had changed his name to Rabin. Jim had beamed himself over to David/Rabin's ship, the SS Pollux, despite it being under quarantine at the time. Mysteriously, he had brought along a just of cider -- which turned out to be the cure needed.

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