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Leader of a group of Neo-Transcendentalist who seek to return to a less complicated form of life. Dryden and his group had targeted Benevento IV as the planet to begin building their new colony, mainly due to it's proximity to the Ficus Sector (the home of their forbearers and models, the Bringloidi). The planet was L class so a ship with terraforming capabilities was necessary.

To this end, Dryden and a handful of followers arrived at Starbase 74 aboard a transport from Regulus. Once there they boarded the USS Cincinnatus, beamed the skeleton crew that was aboard to the station, and set off to pick up the rest of their movement and begin to setting up their colony.

The Potemkin crew was ordered by Admiral Lovell to track down and retake the Cincinnatus in the Nova-class Anio. Warp tried to negotiate with Dryden, but the movement leader was adamant that he needed the ship's scientific equipment and refused to hand over the ship.

Warp and Jordan both noted that Dryden was straightforward, honest man and that he genuinely believed in his ideals.

Eventually an away team managed to board the Cincinnatus but Dryden had activated the self destruct. Although the ship was destroyed, Dryden and his followers were safely transported into custody aboard the Anio

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