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Cornell, Joseph

Attache to the Federation Security Council. During the events of "Cautious Homecoming" he was investigating the ship because of recent temperal incursions made during "For Aeirton and Pride." He had remarkably little sympathy for the crew and was harsh and degrading in his investigation. He also made sure that First Lieutenant Aren Remal was assigned as liason officer to keep tabs on the crew. It was revealed that he held the rank of First Lieutenant in Starfleet before working for the Security Council.

He also seemed to hold Commander Arnet personally responsible for the fate of his counterpart in the alternate universe.

Cornell appeared later to discuss all the unique situations that had occurred on the Potemkin. However, he brought an unknown entity with him that exaggerated emotions in the crew. It did not improve his view of the crew at all.

He reappeared months later, arriving via the shuttlecraft R101 from Starbase 74 while the Potemkin was visiting the Pollard Mining Facility. Insisting on coming aboard, he called a meeting with Warp, Arkin, Arnet, and Fuller. After asking vague questions about the 'Tem's operational status, he told the crew that the loss of the USS Cincinnatus had caused quite a stir with the Starfleet brass and had confirmed some of his own reports about the lackluster performance of the Potemkin crew. When challenged about why he was badgering the crew, Cornell stated that his investigations was effectively over, and that the admiralty would be shortly contacting Warp with details for a court martial for the captain, Arnet, and Arkin. He made several insinuations about Fuller becoming the XO after the rest of the command staff were gone. He was told firmly, but politely, to leave the 'Tem after delivering the news.

Admiral Jenson called upon Cornell to testify about the findings of his investigation during the court martial of Captain Mitchell, Doctor Arnet, and Commander Arkin. He gave a venomous testimony, denouncing the crew.

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