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Beorning, Danielle

Captain of the freighter Starcore. Her crew and her had become stranded on Zeta Sigma III and were there nearly a year before the Potemkin found them. Although Dr. Arnet cured her and the crew of Zeta Sigma's addictive atmosphere, she chose to stay behind with him until he could devise a way to free himself. The two grew close as they stayed on the planet, and she retained strong feelings for him even after years of being apart.

In the alternate future of "Here Comes Tomorrow!" she was with Arnet for four years on Zeta Sigma, and eventually became his wife after he found a way to leave. She had died nearly four years before the events of "Here Comes Tomorrow." The future Arnet revealed that she had previously been romantically involved with a man also named Thomas.

After retrieving her ship, she continued captaining the Starcore. When her ship became damaged over Neria, the Nerians lent her the freighter Pride of Neria until her ship was repaired.

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