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Arnet, Jonathon H.

Ancestor of Doctor Arnet living in London during the Eugenics Wars. Originally from Dover, he moved to the city to become writer. By 1993 he was 27 and engaged as a freelance writer for a London newspaper and had a small flat.

Jack was a strong advocate against eugenics and wrote scathing articles against the "supermen" of his days. By 1996, shortly after the fall of Khan's empire, he proposed to his girlfriend, a red haired beauty named Rebecca.

Doctor Arnet later characterized him as a novelist and a "science fiction fanatic, soccor follower, and cider drinker...philantropist, family man, and direct ancestor."

The crew met Jack during "Heritage" when an accident with a transporter brought him to the 24th century from 1993. While waiting to be sent back, he caught a glimpse of the hope filled future that he thought would never exist. This help turn around his generally pessimistic attitude about his own world.

He also fell in love with Counselor Jordan during his stay and later told Rebecca that she remined him of someone that he once met that seemed "like centuries away."

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