A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


One of the twelve children rescued from Arkia, Aieryn was one of the oldest and retained the most memory of their home world. He always felt lost and out of place in the Federation and eventually sought out his home world and the wealth of knowledge still stored their. He eventually made it to Arkia and discovered the Portal technology and also a living history of his people. After several months of learning more about his planet he was also able to contact Allayah Arkin and tell her of his discovery. Soon afterward he also found a small band of Arkians that had also managed to survive beneath the planet's surface.

It was in an attempt to recreate the portal and contact Aieryn that Arkin caused the disturbance that alerted the Qualitarians to the continuing existence of Arkian technology. Aieryn contacted the 'Tem while the ship was in orbit to ask for assistance against the Qualitarians.

He later introduced Arkin to her long lost twin Allanah. He chose to remain behind on Arkia and help his people rebuild.

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