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Andorian Ale

Andorian Ale is a type of alcoholic beverage popular on Andor, which has found its way into many bars within the Federation and without, including Quark's Bar.

Unlike Terran ales, Andorian Ale is an aged beverage, usually served in small glasses because of its high alcohol content. The beverage is normally light blue, though rarer vintages may contain traces of brown. The darker blue the beverage the lower the alcohol content. Brown Andorian Ales are created by adding bitter fruit to the brewing process, giving the ale a sharp taste.

The two most common brands of Andorian Ales are Shelar Brewers and Shran Distillers. Shran Distllers is the most popular brand of Andorian Ale and is usually light blue, similar in strength to Romulan Ale. Non-Andorians usually prefer Shelar Brewers because it is closer to Terran ales and is usually darker blue and brown.

Aboard the Potemkin, Shelar Andorian Ale is served in the October Lounge. Jim reports that it's one the most ordered drinks. Captain Prax is somewhat of a connoisseur of Andorian Ale, boasting an extensive collection of rare bottlings and vintages. He is often gifted bottles either for consumption or display. Prax prefers Shelar Brewers, but has a soft spot for vintage bottles by Shran.

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