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Powerful alien entity like Ares, Apollo or Hyperion. Zeus is a being of pure energy and routinely possesses host bodies, though once he had a physical body. He is one of the beings who visited Earth thousands of years ago and seeded the mythology of the Greek gods. After they left Earth, Zeus eventually lost favor with other Olympians, but it is unknown what caused the falling out. During this time Zeus transcended his physical body, channeling energy by inhabiting living beings and drawing on their life force.

A fierce battle took place between the non-corporeal Zeus and ten other Olympians. He was eventually imprisoned at the Galactic Core, on the planet Pharos, several thousand years ago. He was imprisoned by another Olympian, Ramses (Ozymandias), who created a powerful energy field which became known as the Great Barrier. Given his ability to take hosts, he was forced inside the body of a brain dead Olympian named Proteus before being imprisoned.

In 2287, Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise-A crossed through the Great Barrier where they encountered a being who claimed to be "God." Unbeknownst to them, this being was Zeus, driven crazy by his loneliness. He was thought destroyed after Kirk and crew escaped. However, he was not destroyed as presumed, but took Sybok as a host. ("Star Trek V: The Final Frontier").

In 2381, Zeus lured a Bolian vessel to the Great Barrier. He was able to escape aboard the vessel using Sybok's body. He quickly devoured the small crew, but the one of the officers sent out a distress signal. This signal brought the USS Gilbert, to the barrier. Zeus was "rescued" by the Gilbert. He killed the crew and eventually possessed the ship itself. The Gilbert dispatched a distress call as well. The Potemkin responded.

Still in Sybok's body, he was beamed over to the Potemkin. He demanded to be taken to Hyperion so he could destroy him. When the crew refused he forced Warp, Prax and Arnet to relive their deepest pains and fears. He then took Bom as a host and started wreaking havoc, threatening to destroy the ship if the crew refused to cooperate.

Eventually Zeus abandoned Bom for Sybok's body again, but was then tricked by the blue engineer into being blown out an airlock and the Vulcan's body was then destroyed by phasers. However, the malignant entity left Sybok's body, moved into the Gilbert and fled to parts unknown. ("Proteus in Blue").

A few months later he came to Arx Stellaris IV, where the crew happened to have just found out that the leader was Ares, another Olympian. He and Ares were mortal enemies and soon began to battle, with the crew caught in the middle.

Unfortunately, Ares revealed that Zeus could not be ultimately killed. That's why he had been imprisoned in the first place. Zeus eventually fled from Arx Stellaris as pure energy, having crashed the Gilbert into the capital city. Before leaving to chase after him, Ares told Warp to seek out Ramses - the one who had imprisioned Zeus thousands of years ago - and that he would only answer to the name "Ozymandias." ("Nicomachean")

In 2383, the crew actively sought out Zeus with Ozymandias to imprison him behind the Great Barrier again. Zeus, having already done some battle with Ares and Hyperion, broke through the shields and jumped into his favorite of all hosts - Bom.

Bom/Zeus came to the bridge and wreaked utter havoc. Ares and Hyperion were no match, not to mention the crew that tried to stop him. He jumped from Bom to Arkin, all the while stopping all opposition against him. Eventually he left Arkin and threw Ares and Hyperion through the bridge skylight. He drained Hyperion completely of power, and returned to fighting Ares. However, Ozymandias was able to blast him with energy through the deflector dish - trapping him in the Galatic Core forever. Adding to his punishment, Ares was trapped along with him; the two would go on battling for eternity. The Potemkin had seen the last of Zeus. ("Doomsday").

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