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Adolescent prince of the Ascendent, engaged to the equally young Jo-el. He possessed much of the arrogance of aristocracy, but at least a peaceful mindset.

For an unknown amount of time he and Jo-el had been kept under guard by the Prima'sari, the majordomo of the Ascendent, after the death of his father. He did not support the quest for the Fablehome, believing it to be unreachable or, at the very least unnecessary, so he was kept out of sight on a royal transport surrounded by guards.

An away team from the Potemkin, mistaking his suite for the bridge, beamed into his chambers while trying to capture his vessel in an effort to stop the Ascendent's Planet Killer weapon. They came upon Zafi sleeping, but after being informed of his situation by Jo-el, they took both the prince and his bride back to the 'Tem.

Zafi demanded to speak with the Federation leader, but settled to talk with Warp. He revealed that the Prima'sari said that the Fablehome was only a month away, and was in fact the planet Bajor. He also revealed that the Ascendent aimed to killed all the inhabitants of Bajor once they arrived.

After the Ascendent failed to storm Bajor, Zafi was able to regain his power and negotiated a peace with the Federation. He then led his people to the 51 Pegasi System, where they settled.

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