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A dying former scientist discovered by the Potemkin on a frigid world deep in the Beta Quadrant. During his final hours he told Warp and Arnet a story about how he had discovered the secret to creating life and had fashioned a creature he referred to as "Daaman."

He had come from a wealthy family from a planet called Stein, holding the title of "Franken." In his youth he had been sent to prominent universities where he discovered the secret to creating life and built the monstrous Daaman.

The result was horrifying to look at, so Viktar had fled, but the creature had followed him, eventually killed Viktar's maid, friend, brother and wife after the scientist refused to make a mate for it. After that, he decided to track the creature down and followed it from system to system until winding up on the barren world where the Potemkin's away team found him.

He died in sickbay after a repented Daaman promised to go away and live the rest of its existence alone.

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