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Servos, Admiral

Staunch but friendly commander in the Romulan Military. He called for assitance from the Federation when Unroth fell victim to terrorist attack. He befriended Captain Warp and Commander Prax of the Potemkin.

Breaking protocol, Servos informed the 'Tem about a mysertious mass moving across Romulan/Klingon Border Space.

He Captains the D'Deridex-class Romulan Warbird Velorium. Rokan was once his Executive Officer. Servos is the Commander of the Unroth Defense Fleet.

Servos was later promoted to Admiral and was part of the negotiations with Praetor Keicero to abolish the Neutral Zone and open free trade with the Federation in "Bird of Paradise." It was revealed then that he was the uncle of the Romulan engineer, Serisa.

However, after an unexpected war broke out between the Romulans and the Klingons, Servos captured the crew of the 'Tem and brought them to Cardassia. There he claimed that he had been named Chancelor by Keicero and called out for the crew to "submit or die." The crew only just barely escaped, and Servos has not been seen since.

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