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Former captain of the Wotal colony ship Arel encountered during "Detente." Her ship had suffered plasma damage and had to be evacuated before it exploded. Captain Rin later demanded that her and the rest of her crew be handed over to his custody under the view that they were being held hostage by Captain Mitchell.

Ser viewed Rin as unstable and said that she would report him to the authorities, fast becoming an ally of the 'Tem crew. After the formalization of relations between the Federation and the Wotal, it was announced that Ser would leave her post in the Beta Andronii system and be appointed the ambassador to the Federation.

She contacted the Potemkin for help locating Rin and his forces, after they had landed in the Eastern provinces of Wotal Prime. Later on she was asked to reconfirm sensor readings about the strange temporal signature that transformed the Potemkin-C to the Potemkin-A.

Her post as Ambassador was short lives; Rin's forces stormed the country side and eventually the First City. Ser was one of the lucky dozen or so who were able to be rescued from off the surface. She was last seen on the 'Tem distraught at her position and knowing that the Federation could not help her retake Wotal Prime from Rin.

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