A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Rokan, Rear Admiral

Charismatic Romulan Commander, Rokan has become a well established ally to Captain Warp and Commander Prax. Rokan befriended former Potemkin Counselor Moreaux, the two were close and stayed in contact well after the Terrorist attacks on Unroth.

He captained the Valdore-class Romulan Warbird Praesidium and was fleet commander of the Onias Sector Patrol. He serves under Commander (later Admiral) Servos

Rokan was present for the negotiations with the Praetor Keicero during "Bird of Paradise" to abolish the Neutral Zone and open free trade between the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation. During the events of "Fire's Blessing" Servos claimed that Rokan was on a deep space mission and could not be contacted.

In "Septem Contra Romulo" he aboard his new ship the Accipiter, and his fleet of six other vessels, made an unexpected return during the final battle over Romulus to help out the Federation fleeet. In "Of All Things Great and Small" his forces helped to confuse the ground troops and win a decisive victory for the allied forces.

The Potemkin was later sent to meet Rokan in the Neutral Zone to discuss a new threat from the other side of Romulan space. He was in command of his old ship, the Praesidium and revealed that because of his actions at the Battle of Romulus he had become a persona non grata in Romulan society. However, he was able to pass along information about the Ascendant, a powerful new race, that was cutting across Romulan and Klingon space. He later accompanied the Potemkin to meet and challenge the Ascendant vessel.

A day later, he contacted the 'Tem to inform them that the Ascendant had changed course toward Rogasa IV.

Rokan later appeared, in command of the Accipiter again, along the Neutral Zone while the 'Tem was waiting for permission from the Romulan government to transverse their territory to make their way to the antimatter anomaly at the edges of the Beta Quadrant. He originally reported, unofficially, the Senate was split over the decision, but he felt they were allow the 'Tem to cross Romulan territory. After the Potemkin was officially denied entrance, he contacted Warp and asked to have a private word with him, saying he might be able to convince the Praetor to the let the 'Tem pass. Apparently he was successful, as he and his ship then escorted the 'Tem over the Neutral Zone.

Rokan and the Accipiter escorted the 'Tem passed Romulan space, only being briefly left behind while the Potemkin investigated massive energy readings on an uninhabited world. Rokan and his crew joined the caravan of ships heading toward the Stellar Fountain. Unfortunately, his ship was badly damaged when one of those ships crashed into the Accipiter while crossing through a stellar nursery. Admiral Mitchell originally volunteered to stay with the Romulans and escort them home, but Rokan refused the offer and encouraged the Potemkin to continue on. Rokan then ordered his craft to limp back to Romulan space.

Rokan has also been mentioned in the alternate future of "The Eleventh Hour" and was seen helping out the USS Atropos in "Hic Cras Venit." In the latter instance, he and Moreaux eventually married and he had befriended Arnet after the doctor turned captain saved his life. And it was Rokan who first laid out the plan to send the Potemkin back in time to stop the future from happening.

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