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Captain of a Wotal warship and self proclaimed enemy of Captain Mitchell. First encountered by the Potemkin during the events of "Where the Old Meets the New," where he tried to claim the freighter Pride of Neria as salvage. After this attempt was blocked, he vowed revenge and warped away.

He returned in "When Gods Expire" and attempted to steal the ship carrying the body of the late Yonto of Antos IV. It was done purely out of spite from the Pride of Neria incident, but his meddling was, once again, quickly put to an end.

Although not specifically seen, it can be assumed that he participated in the Wotal plot to blow up the Nerian sun in "Meridan."

He reappeared during the Romulan War when he and the Wotal joined forces with the Romulans. In "Fire's Curse, Part 2" he effects the destruction of the USS Amsterdam and threatened the same to the 'Tem.

Rin appeared in the alternate reality of "What Is And Should Never Be" as an agressor against both 'Tem and the planet Neria. The Warp in that reality was able to disable his ship and make him sue for a face to face meeting. Unfortuantely, the meeting never took place and it is not known what became of this version of the fearsome Wotal.

After a conspicuous absence , he returned in "For Aeirton and Pride" as the mastermind behind the plot to travel back and kill a young Isaac Newton, thus retarding his future "enemy" - the Federation. He made contact with the 'Tem to gloat about his accomplishments, but was slightly disturbed to hear that, in the new timeline he created, Captain Mitchell and he never crossed paths before. His plan was once again thwarted and he fell out of sight again.

Months later he again reared his head in "Détente." The 'Tem had rescued a group of Wotal led by Captain Ser from an exploding ship, but Rin insisted that it was kidnapping and that the Captain Mitchell had detroyed a Wotal vessel. Although the Ser was able to get Rin's superiors to call him off, he still vowed that vengence would be his.

Disavowed by his superiors for his rogue actions, he managed to disappear again while formal Federation-Wotal relations were formed. He returned in "A Breather" during the formal announcements of a trade of ambassadors between the two powers intent on destroying the Potemkin and the tentative peace. He was easily cornered by Wotal security patrols and the 'Tem...until he surprised everyone by having the security forces join his side. He then warped away, the apparent instigator of a Wotal civil war.

Forces under Rin landed on Wotal Prime in the Eastern Provinces, where intense fighting broke out. At one point Rin was declared dead, but this turned out to be propaganda. He had an ally in the Ferengi Nor, who helped his forces eventually overwhelm the established government. He was installed as "Commandant" and generally accepted as the people as the new head of the Wotal government. His grip on the army was rather tenuous, however, due to the Prime Directive, the Potemkin could not interfere. For the moment Rin remained Commandant of the Wotal.

He appeared briefly on the planet Neria where he and several sharpshooters were trying to break up any peace proceedings between the Nerians and the Federation. The plan was stopped, but Rin wounded Arkin in the leg and managed to escape moments before he could be apprehended. He sent a message vowing that the Wotal were now sworn enemies of the Federation and any Starfleet vessel in their space would be destroyed.

In April of 2385, Rin was reported to be ill and near death. (TEM: "Of Peace") The Potemkin traveled to Wotal Prime in support of opposition forces under Ser, to take advantage of any power vacuum. Aboard a Wotal cruiser, Rin confronted the ship as soon as it arrived in orbit. Two smaller vessels rammed the Potemkin on his command, bringing down the Potemkin's shields and allowing Rin to transport Fleet Captain Warp away and imprison him in the capitol building. After engaging with a rescue team from the Potemkin, Rin was apprehended by Ser's forces. The rumors were proven to be true -- Rin was dying.

Although Rin had lost control of Wotal Prime, members of his forces had not given up. While the Wotal Confederation's ruling assembly were convening to select a leader (with some supporting Rin), the meeting was disrupted by Rin and his supporters. After delivering a scathing monologue, Rin was informed that his words were being broadcast to the people of the planet, destroying what pretense of enlightenment he had managed to cultivate. In anger, he ordered the killing of Ser and Warp. Just then, Ser's forces surrounded Rin's, and his orders were not carried out.

Weakened from his fit of rage, Rin collapsed to the floor. Then, as Fleet Captain Warp approached, Rin drew a hidden sidearm and fired at him. He missed due to his weakened condition... But Warp, now armed, did not. Rin was killed.

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