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An Ascendent title translating to majordomo or chamberlain. By the time the Ascendent began to invade Federation territory, they were led by a Prima'sari who had usurped the rightful Prince Zafi after the death of the prince's father. That Prima'sari, unlike the rightful heir, was determined to find the mythical Fablehome of his people - and would not let anyone stop them.

By early 2384 the Prima'sari had learned that the Fablehome he sought was Bajor and his fleet was a month away from reaching it. An away team from the Potemkin rescued Zafi from the Prima'sari and the prince was able to inform them about the usurpers plan to eliminate anyone on Bajor to set up their Fablehome.

After the Ascendent forces failed to storm Bajor, Zafi managed to wrestle control away from the Prima'sari and lead his people to a new home.

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