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Ferengi business man who, along with his brother Brant, was stranded in the Gamma Quadrant during the closure of the Bajoran wormhole. They owned a Ferengi shuttle named the Gleaming Latinum. Pelk was very assertive and frequently told Brant that he did not have the lobes for business. The two were put in contact with Irrik, a Hirogen Alpha, by a third part and learned about a stable wormhole discovered in the Delta Quadrant. They planned to sell this information to select buyers.

The two also began making contact with the pre-warp Ardarti people in hopes of selling them advanced technology. During this they were intercepted by the Potemkin, who were worried about cultural contamination. Pelk and Brant tried to sell their information to the crew of the 'Tem, but were instead tricked into revealing everything. The two were then blackmailed to stay away from the Ardarti and stormed off the ship in a huff.

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