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An Olympian and enemy of Zeus. He is one of the band of travelers that visit Earth thousands of years ago and inspired the myths of the Greek pantheon of gods. He also has the names "Ramses," "The Son of Light," and "The Builder of Things." He constructed the energy barriers that surround the edge of the galaxy and the galatic core (the "Hecatonchires"). Ares stated that Ozymandias had designed these barriers to keep imprison Zeus.

His incognito appearance was of an extremely tall man who appeared to be of Arab descent. His attitude is benevolent; he revealed that he did not wish to be worhipped, but to better the lives of those he could.

Ozymandias was discovered accidently by the crew of the 'Tem on the world of Vandos during "Alone in a Crowd." He established himself as the scientific advisor named Rama. With his help, the Vandosians had built the giant stellar energy - basically a version of the Galactic Barrier used as a power source. After confronting Rama, he admitted that he had built the stellar drive and Galactic Barrier - he was Ozymnadias.

After learning about the situation with Zeus and Ares, he volunteered to help seal the menace away. He revealed that he had to use the Potemkin and all the remaining Olympians because it took ten of them last time to seal Zeus away.

During "Doomsday," he had Warp call forth Ares and Hyperion in order to battle Zeus near the Galactic Core. He then drafted Micheal into helping him construct a version of the stellar drive out of the deflector dish to strenghten the barrier and push Zeus into the trap. The plan was effective, but unfortunately Ares was also trapped within the barrier with Zeus. Ozymandias lamented this fate, but knew that Ares would ensure that Zeus could not escape again.

Before departing, he entrusted the now human Hyperion to the crew's care and asked that he be given a new name. He planned to use what power he had left to live out the rest of his life on Vandos and do some more good. As one last good deed before disappearing, he transported the 'Tem back to the Sol System so it could be repaired.

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