A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


Captain of a Alirii vessel traveling with a large caravan heading toward the stellar fountain in the Beta Quadrant.

Soon after the Potemkin and Accipiter tried to join the caravan he contacted the 'Tem to ask their purpose. Finding that the ships meant also to head toward the fountain, which he deemed "Klurt's Star," Klorath and two of his crew beamed over to 'Tem to investigate their worthiness.

Sufficiently impressed with the armaments on both the Federation ship and Warbird, Klorath asked for ritual combat - his race's custom when meeting new peoples. Lieutenant Mekiah participated in the ceremony and Klorath agreed to a cultural exchange.

Warp contacted Klorath a few days later to request to come alongside the Alirii ship at the head of the caravan and take lead through a dense stellar nursery. Klorath was suspicious of Warp's request, but allowed it.

Shortly afterward Klorath was misled by the Malthusians into thinking the Potemkin was leaving the fleet while they manipulated Rollands into leading the 'Tem away from the caravan.

Klorath rallied three other ships to rescue the Potemkin after it was disabled by gravimetric waves by a magnetar. He laughed off Warp's warning saying that he would gladly risk danger to help the 'Tem and ordered the ships to expand their shields around the crippled Federation vessel.

After the other vessels in the caravan decided to leave the 'Tem behind, Klorath was torn, but eventually deemed the Potemkin had been protecting the caravan and his vessel would continue to do so in its place. He parted in friendships saying the 'Tem and he might see each other again.

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