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Jarikar, Ard

Ard Jarikar was the presumed leader of the Orion Syndicate following the dramatic assassination of the previous Syndicate leader, Thadial Bokar. Jarikar's headquarters was a casino on Farius Prime, and his personal flagship was the Triple Over. He was also known to use the Class D smuggler's planet Targ's Arse as a hideout.

Ard Jarikar was suspected in the San Fransisco Bay explosion in Earth on New Year's Eve, 2386, that resulted in 13 deaths, 47 injuries, and a great deal of damage to the infrastructure of the city and Starfleet Headquarters itself. (TEM: "Ringing In, or Bowing Out") As a result, Admiral James Mitchell led a task force of four ships--including the USS Farragut, the USS Thomas Paine, the USS Appalachia, and his own ship, the USS Potemkin--in pursuit of the outlaw for further questioning. (TEM: "Indistinguishable from Magic, Part I")

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