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A powerful entity much like Zeus and Ares. While registering as human on any tricorder, he does have an extra organ that seems to generate some sort of power. He was part of a race that visited Earth thousands of years ago and became the basis of the titan myths in ancient Greece. He is much like the being Apollo encountered by the crew of the USS Enterprise (TOS: "Who Mourns for Adonis?")

Hyperion had been banished pass the "Hecatonchires," or the Galatic Barrier, and needed a starship to get back to the Milky Way Galaxy and to "Olympus" the home of others of his race.

The crew encountered Hyperion during the events of "Titan, Today." While stranded in the Andromeda Galaxy, they happened upon the planet where he had been banished by Zeus. He instantly stopped the ship and brought the crew down to the surface

Once there he involved everyone in a Greek fantasy, including having the women (appropriately dressed) as his attendants and the men as Greek soldiers. He also became romantically interested in Counselor Jordan. Finally, after having a frank talk, the crew realized that Hyperion meant them no harm, but quite simply wanted transport home.

He more than paid for the expense by propelling the ship faster than warp 9.99 and getting the crew back to their own galaxy in a few minutes time. As a final thank you, and a good bye gift to Jordan, he repaired the ship and then departed.

During the events of "Doomsday," he reappeared to fight Zeus, in conjunction with Ares, Ozymandias, and the 'Tem. Unfortunately, he did not fare well and was tossed by his enemy into the viewscreen and then through the skylight on the bridge's roof. Afterward, Zeus drained him completely of energy and left him a drained being drifting out in space.

The crew managed to rescue him, but it was discovered that Zeus not only drained his power, but left him as a nearly dead amnesic human. After recovering, he took the name "Alcander Keats" and prepared for a new life as a human.

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