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A being created by a Steinian scientist, Viktar, who had discovered how to create life.

The name "Daaman" came from a mythological being of the Steinians

Daaman was repulsive to look at, and Viktar fled immediately after creating it. Confused and angered by Viktar abandoning him, Daaman tracked its creature down years later and killed Viktar's maid and brother before asking that a mate be made for it, in order to not feel so alone in the universe.

When Viktar refuse, the creature killed the scientist's friend and wife. When the scientist vowed revenged, he fled, but left taunting clues to ensure the chase would continue. Eventually it ended on a frigid world, where Viktar was at the edge of death.

Daaman had been living there in a cave until an away team from the Potemkin arrived after detecting Viktar's ship. He watched Arnet beam away with the ill Viktar using a comm badge, and later assaulted Fuller to get his.

Once aboard the ship he found sickbay, where Viktar had told his story to Warp and Arnet and lay unconscious and about to die. Upon seeing his creator on the verge of death he was moved to repentance and swore that he would go away and life the rest of his life far away from anyone.

He was an educated being, his sparse cave home having books on philosophy, ethics, and language.

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