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Cinta, DaiMon

DaiMon Cinta is the captain of the Ferengi cargo ship Cinta's Sleigh, which became stranded in the mutara-class Fogg Nebula en route to a Ferengi colony to deliver Commerce Day toys to waiting customers. Cinta originally hired Olav of the Ferengi transport ship Roodolf to guide him through the nebula, but later learned the harsh truth of Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #16: A deal is a deal ... until a better one comes along. Seeing better profit in destroying Cinta's Sleigh in the nebula and taking the cargo for his own, Olav betrayed Cinta and made a play for Cinta's toys. Only the timely and efficient intervention from the USS Potemkin saved Cinta's Sleigh--and Commerce Day.

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