A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


Ferengi business man described as being slightly older, relatively well-dressed, but a bit disheveled. Brant had a good knowledge, like most Ferengi, of the Rules of Acquisition. He and his brother Pelk were enterprising business and owned a shuttle, the Gleaming Latinum. The two were trapped in the Gamma Quadrant when the Bajoran wormhole closed, but began seeking business opportunities. They heard through a contact that a stable wormhole had been discovered in the Delta Quadrant and had contacted Irrik, a Hirogen Alpha, to gather more information.

They also made contact with the pre-warp Ardarti civilization and it was while traveling to this world that they were intercepted by the Potemkin, who were concerned about cultural contamination. Brant handled the initial communication with the 'Tem, but was soon superseded by his brother. He was more timid than Pelk and was tricked into revealing the existence of the stable wormhole by Bom and the crew. Both of them were blackmailed into leaving the Ardarti people alone and seeking business elsewhere.

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