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An Olympian, son and enemy of Zeus. He was one of a group of travelers that traveled to Earth thousands of years ago and seeded the myths of the Greek pantheon.

The Potemkin encountered Ares on Arx Stellaris IV during "Nichomachean", where he had taken on the identity of Samirsera, the Prime Minister. In this identity he wore black clothing and a ceremonial sword and hammer.

Arx Stellaris IV had been attacked by a probe from the then Zeus controlled USS Gilbert. Zeus returned after the 'Tem arrived to investigate, and a fierce stand off between the two Olympians resulted. Eventually Zeus fled, after hurling the Gilbert toward the planet. Ares then decided to follow after his nemesis.

Before leaving, he informed the crew that Zeus could not actually be killed, but would have to be trapped again. Only Ramses could repair the barrier that had originally imprisoned the fearsome Olympian. He gave Warp a device to contact him once Ramses was found, and the clue that Ramses would only answer to the name "Ozymandias"

Ares appeared once again during "Doomsday" when Warp, under the direction of Ozymandias, contacted him to help fight Zeus long enough in order to trap him in the Galactic Core again. He had been following and fighting Zeus for a long time now, and appeared battered and bleeding. Along with Hyperion, he attacked Zeus head on and was thrown through the bridge skylight.

He was fighting Zeus when Ozymandias released a blast of energy from the Potemkin's deflector dish that drove Zeus and he into the Galactic Barrier. The barrier was strengthened, effectively trapping Ares to battle Zeus for eternity. Ozymandias noted that it was a noble sacrifice on Are's part.

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