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Akai Ko Lorega

A member of the Lightfoot species of interstellar nomads, Akai Ko Lorega made contact with the Potemkin in April 2390 when his species settled in the Odessa System (TEM: "Transmogrification"). Nicknamed "Akai Ko," he is intensely friendly and upbeat, but also naïve and childlike. As with all of his people, he traveled through the stars by means of cloning, since the large ark-ship of the Lightfeet only carried genetic material rather than the actual population of their civilization.

When Odessa VIII was destroyed by a supernova in April 2391 (TEM: "Neighborhood Watch"), Akai Ko Lorega was unable to rejoin his civilization's stored pool of genetic material and catalogued memories, so he accepted Captain Warp's invitation to stay aboard the Potemkin.

At the time of the unexpected departure of the Lightfeet, Akai Ko remarked that he was in his seventh body since his parents had brought him into the universe.

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