A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

With A Little Help From My Friends (2)

Captain James ‘Warp’ Mitchell, still influenced by the mind control techniques of Sorin / Solok is taken to the USS Potemkin, in an effort to break through to his real personality and consciousness. The journey is not without stress.

Lieutenant Commander Tamarra James, identical in most ways to the alternate universe Tamarra, is onboard. It was her plan, hatched with Captain MacPherson, that has brought this particular crew with this particular Captain, to the Potemkin. Onboard, she is treated with distain and distrust by the majority of the crew.

The plan is a success. Warp chooses a particular spot, deep within the jefferies tubes, as the one place that he wanted to visit onboard. A location that has afforded him comfort in times past, and a place away from the rest of the ship and the pressures thereof. The control driving him begins to slip.

The final piece of the puzzle falls into place when Peters arrives and attacks the Potemkin from his own small, sleek ship. The threat to the ‘Tem is enough to break through the bonds wrapped around Warp’s mind and he takes control of the ship to guide it to safety.

Peters is captured and brought to the bridge of the Potemkin. He immediately attempts to regain control of Warp’s mind, proving that he and Solok had been working together. The attempt is not successful. Peters is taken to the brig.

The Potemkin, refitted with functioning engines and facilities onboard, is ordered to return to Starbase 22, with Warp as its temporary Captain.

The sim closes with words from Warp that echo the sentiment of the Potemkin Crew. “I’m home.”

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