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Unfinished Busyness (Part VI)

Unfinished Busyness Part VI Stardate: 69015.3 (Monday, January 6th, 2392 at 1500 hours)

Plot by Warp

Stranded on the surface of Argo, the crew of the USS Tethys must defend themselves against possible attack from the alliance between The Argosians and The Aquans. However, they are also acutely aware that there are secrets aboard the wreck of the USS Tethys that must not fall into the hands of the locals.

A team have been sent to the wreck to destroy it. Arnet, Grimm, Yasorn, Kit are aboard the Tethys. They split up to plant micro-explosives through the ship.

The rest are on an atoll, under attack! Arrows fly through the air, and a missile creates a crater just inside the fortifications. The crew huddle in the crater, as it provides more shelter than they’d been able to effect themselves in the short time they’ve been on the planet.

The wreck itself comes under attack from the alliance. As it shakes itself apart, the team onboard struggle to get their mission completed.

On the atoll, a tunnel has been dug from the sea to the crater, filling it with water. Envoys from the alliance appear through this tunnel, wanting to talk to the stranded crew. There is a representative from each race. Nerine from the Argosians and Amdiphan from the Aquans.

The envoys try to explain to the crew the repercussions of the various actions taken by those of the Federation on their planet. Amdiphan is more diplomatic in his approach. Nerine, however, is deeply distrustful of the crew, seeing a discrimination against those who cannot breathe air as the crew negotiate with Amdiphan, but argue with her. She becomes increasingly resentful, only adding to the arguments.

Rather than seeing that she is afraid, the crew react in increasingly negative ways to her, which reinforces her opinion. Amdiphan tries to get her to see reason.

On the Tethys, explosions and increasing flooding create further unsafe situations. Arnet vanishes in the ruins of the ship. The team onboard search for him through the debris. They are unable to do so, and report as such to Warp.

On the Atoll, Nerine hears this, and decides to show that the water breathers can be trusted. She leaves the crater, heading for the wreck. She also wants to get the air breathers out of the sacred waters of Argo, to allow her world a chance to heal.

Arnet is found by the crew on the ship, and dragged to the runabout. He is not breathing, and near death. The team revive him, something that Nerine sees happen. She watches from the wreck, unseen by the crew.

Determined to try negotiations again, Nerine turns and swims back through the wreck towards the beach. Just as she does, the micro-explosives detonate, ripping the Tethys apart!

The USS Soledad arrives and rescues the team from the surface of Argo.

On Argo, the alliance between the races is shattered as Nerine’s body floats to the surface of the sea with the debris of the Tethys. Her message to her people that she had new information about the Federation peoples unable to be delivered.

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