A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Unfinished Busyness (Part V)

Stranded on an atoll in the middle of the vast oceans of Argo, the crew of the USS Tethys must survive long enough for rescue. Their escape vessel, the runabout USS Clark Fork has been badly damaged, and cannot take off.

It is also, sadly, apparent that the Tethys must be destroyed in order to prevent the technology onboard from getting into the hands of the Argosians and Aquans. A plan is made to send a small team over to the wreck to rig explosives.

Grimm, Arnet, Kit, Aklar, and Yasorn head to the wreck to destroy it. They take the damaged Clark Fork, and hope to be able to bring back necessary items for survival. They arrive on the wreck, and discover that it is sinking fast. Their plan is remade, and they split up to cover different areas of the ship.

On the Atoll, a lone Aquan arrives. Galphar states that he has come to issue a warning. The alliance is on the way, and it would be best if the crew were to get back into their Ship-Island and leave. He leaves, just as suddenly as he arrived.

Soon after, the crew on the atoll is attacked by the Argosian / Aquan Alliance!

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