A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Unfinished Busyness (Part IV)

Melina’s children now safe onboard The Tethys, the crew returns to the official business that brought them to Argo: to find out whether or not the alliance between the two warring factions on the planet is still strong.

The Tethys is attacked by Peters - a section 31 operative the crew has met before. It was he who was responsible for the detonation of bombs on the surface of Argo previously.

Badly damaged, the Tethys tumbles through space towards Argo. The crew is forced to abandon ship, as no efforts to stabilize her are successful. During the evacuation from the ship, the science department is able to discover the locations of a series of phase-shifted mines above the planet. Connecting with these has led to the destruction of the ship!

Aboard a damaged runabout, The Clark Fork, the last of the crew to evacuate can only helplessly watch as the Tethys impacts with the seas of Argo. An impact strong enough to tear her apart.

Stranded on an atoll, the crew can only wait for rescue.

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