A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Unfinished Busyness (Part II)

The Tethys arrives at Argo to observe the ongoing civil war that has torn the world apart.

During a briefing in the observation lounge, Melina Terrell is revealed to be an imposter. There is instant pandemonium as soon as Warp orders Lt. Grimm to take Melina into custody. Melina makes a break for the bridge, pursued by several of the crew. Ceja holds a second debrief to bring everyone up to speed on what has been going on. Kit, meanwhile, struggles with her fears of being revealed as having been from the alternate dimension.

With no time to waste, Warp orders the Tethys to the surface of the planet. Within moments, the ship is under attack. The ship dives towards the surface, in a move that strains both crew and ship to the limits of endurance. Yet, even in the midst of all the chaos, the crew remember two lost children, and find Melina’s twins!

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