A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Unfinished Busyness

En route to the planet Argo, officially to observe the ongoing tensions between the warring factions of the planet (and unofficially to attempt to find the kidnapped twins of Lt. Commander Melina Terrell), the USS Tethys is redirected to the Arlak IV Science Station by Admiral Sorin.

During the journey, Arnet, Warp, Ceja and Hazeline meet to discuss concerns arising from the strange behaviour of Melina Terrell over the previous few weeks. The suspicion is raised regarding the last visit to the alternative dimension, and whether or not Mel had been kidnapped at that time.

Meanwhile the ship has arrived at Arlak IV and is experiencing an odd pattern of power loss across all systems. The science station is researching Iconian ruins, and has discovered a gateway. It is active, and seems to be connected to an area with a strong gravity well, the effects of which can be felt far beyond the science station itself. The Tethys becomes caught in the pull of the gateway, and it is only due to quick thinking from Grimm and Rayus that the gateway is disabled.

Arnet, Ceja and Hazeline find conclusive proof that the Melina Terrell on the ship is not from this dimension. Melina had been asked to come for a quick test to ensure that she had not caught a minor illness. Though reluctant to do so, she complies. Ceja is able to compare her cellular makeup with that of Owain, and finds unique similarities to that dimension. Though they are now sure, they decide not to confront Melina at this time.

At the sims end, the ship resumes course for Argo, in order to complete their original orders and to find the twins.

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