A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether

Immediately after the events of "The Eye In The Sky."

Forced to the streets of a city that they do not know, the crew make their way to The San, a medical facility that dominates the skyline of Carhaix on this side of the river.

With information from a young attendant called Koehler, they split into two teams - one to get Melina back, and the other to find Sue-Ann. Koehler discovers that ‘Mirror’ Melina has been held in a brig and questioned while in the Prime Dimension, and is horrified by this news, as Melina had been kept in the lap of luxury while in this dimension. He also informs them that the Mothers and Children are guarded, as they are special, and must be protected.

The group that head into The San proper are taken to a small transporter room, the technology eerily similar to that of Starfleet. Whisked to the penthouse floor, they are greeted by Doctor John Jones, and Tamarra James. They are sitting with Melina Terrell, and inform the team that she is ready to go, and can leave at any time. Tamarra offers them tea, as a gesture of polite respect.

Lt Commander Melina Terrell is astonished to see them. She informs them that she has had surgery against her will, possibly performed by Jonesy. She is ready to return home with them. During this time, Mirror Melina leaves the room with Koehler, despite entreaties from the team to remain in the Prime Dimension.

In one of her mercurial changes of mood, Tamarra leaves them, stating that someone is playing with the Mothers, and she needs to take care of that. She sweeps out of the room, Jones following a moment later, after exchanging some thoughts about Doctor Ceja with the group.

Meanwhile, in the gardens of The San, the second group triggered an alarm on their way to the cottage where ‘The Mothers’ are being kept. They continue on their way, and soon find themselves at a place that could have been made from a childs view of what a perfect fairytale forest cottage should look like.

There are a number of women and children living here. All are well looked after, and their children are healthy. It is clear that they want for nothing. They find Sue-Ann, and convince her to leave with them. Or more particularly, to leave with Wire.

As the episode ends, the teams race towards each other, as alarms begin to blare due to Sue-Ann leaving.

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