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The High Seas Redux

A few hours after the events of "The High Seas (2016), and discovering the bodies of children and teachers floating in space, the USS Potemkin is continuing along its patrol. In a makeshift morgue, crew members attempt to match bodies and names, while members of the sickbay team continue with autopsies.

Ceja receives official notice about her homeworld from Starfleet, and shortly afterwards watches another news report showing members of the colony being fired upon by individuals in Starfleet uniforms. She does not speak of this to anyone, deciding that it is not important enough to bother them with, given the current situation that they are investigating.

Another distress call is received, this time from the TPV Astra. The distress call states that the ship has been boarded by members of Starfleet. The Tserran crew has either been taken hostage, or killed.

The Potemkin races to the TVP Astra. They are hailed upon arrival, by an individual in Starfleet uniform. The officer identifies himself as Lt. Dole from Outpost 27 Alpha, and invites them onboard to help with cataloguing the contraband onboard the ship. He states that he is the commanding officer of the Starfleet team, and instructs them that if they need, they can contact Commander Kelly Gore for more information if needed. He also points out that this may take some hours.

The away team beams onboard. They are met by Lt. Dole, who seems flustered, and somewhat ill at ease.

Shortly after being taken to the mess / conference hall that the Tserrans are held within, Ceja is fired upon by a strange device. A bitter firefight breaks out between the away team and those in the mess hall. During the exchange of phaser fire, many of those in the room are injured. However the pirates are taken into custody.

Ceja, however, begins to experience a series of injuries. Beginning with the most recent, every injury that she has ever received begins to manifest upon her body. As the injuries compound, she sinks to the floor, unable to remain upright. She is beamed to sickbay, along with a Tserran officer who is nearby. Hazeline contacts Arnet and asks him to come and help. She also arranges for Aklar to be beamed to sickbay as well.

Arnet is unable to stop the progress of the injuries from appearing, nor to prevent them from overwhelming Ceja. Almost immediately after the effects of a brutal explosion appear on her body, she dies. Injuries continue to manifest after her death, both internal and external.

Arnet continues to attempt to bring her back, and keeps doing so for near 20 minutes, only giving up when he realizes that there is nothing he can do. He quietly orders the rest of the team to stop their attempts to revive her.

In the meantime, Aklar works out that it was the device aboard the other ship that caused this, and gets it beamed directly to sickbay. Aklar manipulates the device, initially to no effect, but eventually finding the right combination of buttons to reverse its effects. Far too slowly for anyone’s liking, Ceja returns to life. All physical effects of the injuries vanish from her body. Conscious again, she informs Aklar that it was a “lousy date,” and seems overwhelmed to see the team around her.

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