A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

The High Seas (2016)

The USS Potemkin is on a routine patrol along the Wotal border.

In a meeting, Rollands informs Arnet that she is pregnant. She assures him that her pregnancy will not interfere with her ability to perform her duties.

A distress signal is picked up by the Potemkin. The message is being sent by a female youth, perhaps 14 years old. After some technical glitches, she is able to let the Potemkin know that the ship she is on has been attacked, and that people are being killed. The message is cut off, but not before the crew see someone in a Starfleet uniform dragging her away from the console.

In the meantime, Ceja discovers from a news report that contact with her home colony has been lost. She immediately contacts Arnet, however the information she is giving him is lost in the more important distress signal being relayed to him from the bridge.

An away team is put together to go to the aid of the school children who have been attacked. As soon as the ship is spotted, they get ready to go to the aid of the children. However, it is apparent that they are too late for the majority of them. Only 5 lifesigns remain, and 2 of those are weak.

Aboard the ‘schoolbus’ ship, things are oddly empty. There are few bodies, where more have been expected. The away team find 5 alive children, hidden in various deep in the ship. All the human children have an identical injury: a hole bored through the base of the skull to extract cerebrospinal fluid.

All the alive children are beamed directly to sickbay.

Scanning for the other children, Melina discovers a terrible truth: all of them, and their teachers, have been spaced. Their bodies float in the darkness surrounding the schoolbus ship. Their bodies are beamed to the Potemkin.

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