A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

The Eye In The Sky

A plan is made to rescue Melina from the alternate dimension, and return Alternate Melina to her home. The crew enter a portal between the dimensions. They are met by Wire, an ex-factory worker who is determined to bring about the downfall of those in power, and to rescue a young friend of his from the clutches of Tamarra James. He agrees to show them how to get to the medical facility where it is thought that Melina is being held, but only if they agree to rescue Sue-Ann as well.

The team make their way to the underground train system. Wire, aided by Kit, organizes and powers up a disused train to arrive and get them where they need to go. They are, however, spotted by one of Kit’s old friends, Tommy, who greets her and tries to talk to her. When the carriage arrives, Kit pulls him onboard. One of his colleagues, back on the platform, talks into a radio as they leave. Tommy continues to try and talk to Kit, with no success.

While this is going on, Zaad begins to experience someone monitoring his mind, and talking to him. This person asks who he is, and where he is from, eventually taking over his mind for a moment. Zaad works hard to repel this intruder.

On the carriage, Tommy tries again to talk to Kit, but is sedated by Hazeline a moment after something clangs onto the side of the carriage. The alternate dimension version of Falco arrives, trying to deliver a message. Kit and Grimm immediately dive towards him, and a fight ensues.

As the train speeds through a station, Tamarra James can be seen on the platform. Shortly after the train slams to a stop, as the emergency brakes are remotely triggered. Tamarra approaches the train with her guards, but is stopped as Wire triggers a device that knocks them over.

The team flee, leaving behind Tommy and Falco. Falco initially prepares to follow them, having never communicated his message, but is stopped by Tamarra from doing so.

A moment later, the reason why becomes clear as Tamarra announces to the team that she plans to electrify the rails. She suggests they either head to an emergency exit, or the next station to avoid death. She also starts a count down to force the team to make a decision. They choose the emergency exit, and emerge unscathed onto a street.

The area here is very different than they are used to. Buildings are cleaner, and the passers by are not dressed as factory workers. More importantly, there is no sign of anyone waiting for them. No trap. No guards. No.. nothing.

In the distance, they see a tall, graceful building with a red cross etched into the walls.

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