A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Port Of Call (2016)

Waiting to hear about their new assignments, the crew scaatter around Starbase 22. Sorin pulls Warp, Arnet and Ceja into s conference. He demands to know about a device that Melina had been working on: a means of communication and transportation between the dimensions.

Sorin orders them back to the USS Potemkin to retrieve the device. However, he demands that they keep secret from the rest of the crew their actual mission while onboard.

He also orders Ceja to perform experiments on anyone from the alternate dimension to discover how to identify anyone from that dimension. Ceja is horrified when she realizes that he intends her to include Owain, a child.

When Warp argues with Sorin about this course of action, he is relieved of his duty as their commanding officer, pending the outcome of a review and counselling sessions on the Starbase. This is effective immediately, and he is ordered to the counselling suite aboard the Starbase.

Concerned about how far Sorin’s reach actually extends, Ceja asks Warp for explicit instructions regarding access to his counselling records. He states that she is not to release them to anyone, unless he gives permission, in person.

The episode ends with no certain answers, no assignments for the crew, and Warp undergoing extensive psych evaluations to regain his position. Secrets begin to build between those who have trusted each other with their very lives.

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