A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Cities In Dust

Immediately after the events of “The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether.”

Caught in a game not of their understanding or choice, the group in the alternate dimension are gathered at the base of The San. With them are Lt. Commander Melina Terrell, now reunited with her shipmates, and Sue-Ann, a young woman who was caught up in a previous trip to the dimension (Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry).

Unable to use the convenient transporters within The San, Wire macgyvers a rudimentary transporter that flings them across the city to the fortress where the machine sits, waiting. They arrive on a different floor, and must make their way through the labyrinth of the fortress to the machine.

There is an odd confrontation between the Prime Dimension people and those that they have met from the Alternate. Falso manages to get a message to Hazeline that Solok is more dangerous than they realize. Tamarra enquires of Aklar how The Boy (Owain) is doing. Jonesy, in turn, makes a not-so subtle threat against the wellbeing of Teagan Ceja, obviously trying to rile the team further. However, they are not prevented from making their way to the machine below.

Wire rigs it to explode, as the team step through. He and Sue-Ann leave on their next adventures, having decided that they have a thing. The team escape the alternate dimension and back into their own.

They are greeted by guards and Solok / Sorin who has managed to overpower Ceja and Arnet. Behind them, the machine that Tamarra had stolen from the Prime Dimension explodes, shutting down the pathway between the worlds.

Solok informs the team that they will be subject to his corrective memory process. However, before he is able to effect his plan, Captain MacPherson beams in and prevents him from doing so.

And then, things go a bit wrong.

The Iconian gateway flashes into life, and the dimension device that Mirror Melina had built is pushed towards it. The combination of the two powers coming together is enough to rip apart the fabric of space in a way that could not have been foreseen. A sullen red glow ripples through the air, followed by streamers of energy. The team flee from the area, barely making it out ahead of an explosion that rips apart that level of the Citadel. The entire Admiral’s suite has vanished.

Reports quickly come in of anomalies appearing where there are other gateways: Andor, Earth, Vulcan among them.

To add to the confusion, Captain James “Warp” Mitchell is brought before Captain MacPherson and relieved of duty. He acquiesces under protest.

As the episode ends, in a far distant dimension, Tamarra James watches as her earth is ripped apart by the forces ignited between gateway and dimension device. She is on a ship in orbit, having obviously had enough time to escape. She appears unsurprised, and states that, “The Rats did well.”

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