A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

By Your Command

Now returned to Starbase 22, the USS Potemkin and her crew await their orders. Captain MacPherson quickly takes care of business, stating that any previous orders splitting the crew up have been recinded, and that the members of this crew are reinstated to duty on the ship.

With one notable exception: Warp.

Though Warp has support, and the confidence of many, there are still questions remaining regarding the ease of how his mind was taken over, and the potential weakness this may have caused. He is reassured by Ceja in a private conversation, that in her opinion he is capable, but that Starfleet will want to put him through his paces to ensure his stability.

Supplies start to come onboard to re-equip the ship. Though the crew was not aware, it seems that there had been a plan all along to bring the Potemkin back into active service.

New crew members begin to arrive onboard, bringing chaos in their wake. Arnet is left to juggle personalities and no small amount of insubordination as he takes command of the ship pending an official announcement about her Commanding Officer.

Ceja asks Warp a question that has been weighing on her for some time. She asks him where he sent Owain, the child created by Tamarra James (alt.) from DNA samples stolen from Ceja, Warp and Aklar, combined with her own. To his horror, Warp realizes that he has no recollection of this event. This realization does, however, bring his healing to completion as his determination to find his son overrides any continuing personal doubts about his ability to command.

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