A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

All The Old Familiar Places (2016)

Sent on a mission to retrieve equipment from the USS Potemkin, now mothballed and a museum ship, the away team is horrified to discover that many of their unique touches to the ship have been removed. The Potemkin has been sanitized and returned to almost original condition.

The team splits into two, both parties hunting for a console that 'Mirror Melina' built to transport between dimensions. The console is fairly large, and should be easy to find as it looks slightly different to the normal Starfleet designs. One team heads to the science labs, the other to engineering. It soon becomes apparent that everything is changed. The science labs are tidy, almost sanitized. Engineering equally pristine. However, as the teams move through the ship, those most familiar with her discover other items have vanished. Most particularly, a cloaking device and it’s power supply.

Commander Arnet and the other dimension Melina split off from the group they are with, and head to where she hid the console itself. They find the device, and it is beamed away in secret. The other teams search futilely in other areas of the ship, even though it becomes increasingly obvious that they are not going to find what they have been sent to find.

During this search, Ceja receives word from Captain Warp that he wants her to release his records to the counselling team on Starbase 22. Given his expressed concerns, this surprises her.

The teams return to the ship that brought them to the museum, unaware that the device has been found and retrieved.

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