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The Mayflower

The USS Tethys received a distress call from Navigator Elizabeth Johnson on the PFSS Mayflower. On arrival, the ship appears to have hit a large asteroid, an life signs are slowly dissapearing.

Home team: Arnet, Barrett, Mel, Yasorn, Ceja, Rollands and Rayus Away team: Aklar, Hazeline, Falco, Kit, Zaad, Norson.

Onboard the Mayflower:

The away team arrive on the Mayflower to discover that it is, essentially, a ship of the dead. The majority of the crew have been killed, leaving only seven life signs on the ship. Members of the team split up to find those still living. While doing so, they discover that there are creatures onboard attacking the crew, and then the away team themselves. These creatures are inky black, with multiple legs and tentacles. It doesn’t take long before only three lifesigns remain alive. A female crew member, a pregnant woman and a female teen. Unable to be beamed to the Tethys, the crew are cornered in one of the cargo bays. During an ongoing struggle with the creatures, the pregnant woman is injured badly. Hazeline keeps her alive. With mere moments before they are overrun by the creatures the forcefield is destroyed, and the away team is beamed directly to the sickbay of the Tethys.

Aboard the Tethys:

As soon as the away team arrive on the Mayflower, a forcefield appears around the ship. It has been generated by a spinning asteroid near both ships. This asteroid begins to fire upon the USS Tethys. The missiles are crude and are mixed in size and shape. Initially they move slowly, but speed up with each wave generated. The Tethys spends much time dodging them, but is not completely successful. There are several impacts, and eventually one major impact that knocks out the deflector dish. In a desperate move to save both away team and the Tethys, a tri-cobalt torpedo is fired upon the spinning asteroid. It is destroyed, but also destroys the Mayflower in the process. Initially unable to transport the away team to safety, the moments between first explosion and subsequent explosions are the only time to snatch them from the destruction.

The pregnant woman is, however, unable to be saved. She succumbs to her injuries. The medical team perform an emergency c-section. The three survivors of the Mayflower are the crew member, the teen and a newborn girl.

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