A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Experiment IV

The USS Potemkin has been called upon to help a small science outpost in the Sanche System. The crew is busy working on getting the communications array up and running again, while those not directly involved with repairs are taken on a tour of the facility.

During the tour, Lt. Ceja decides to explore on her own. She opens a door to a room containing a large machine, upsetting the tour guide immensely. Ignoring his demand to leave the room, Ceja starts to analyze what it does and is entranced to discover that it emits some kind of sonic wave. It turns out that she may have more information than the scientists at the outpost itself, as they have not been able to quite work out what it does.

Afterwards, she seems to be acting very strangely - complaining of headaches, and giggling slightly as she speaks. Arnet and Aklar are concerned. As they leave the room, she takes a hypospray out of her pocket and uses it. Once she has, she calms down again.

The tour continues and takes the group to a room overlooking a lab. In the lab are several people dressed in long robes with hoods that are pulled up over their faces.

In the meantime, the team working on the communications array find human blood and deliberate destruction. They hypothesize that the blood may be from activating the sonic array, and someone being caught in the beam from it. They contact Arnet to inform him of this.

At approximately the same time, two ships drop out of warp above the moon. Oren, the tour guide, gets a message and insists that they must leave immediately. He gets a bit physically pushy.

Tamarra James contacts the Potemkin, demanding to speak to Warp, but inadvertently contacting everyone on that communication channel. He replies, nonplussed that she is in the region. The team are beamed aboard the Potemkin, rather suddenly for some of them.

Once onboard, Aklar insists that Lt. Hazeline scan Dr. Ceja, due to her odd actions. Ceja refuses initially, and digs for the hypospray she used earlier. This alarms Aklar even further. Arnet takes the hypospray away. Ceja is taken to Sickbay, against her wishes. The contents of the hypospray cannot be identified other than that they are some form of narcotic.

The ship goes into battle readiness, while Tamarra has a little chat on the bridge with Warp. As usual, she is manipulative and cold.

In the sickbay, Ceja is restrained on one of the bio beds. She begins to beg to be allowed to be free, eventually losing her temper and swearing at them all.

Falco suddenly attacks Arnet, and transports himself to the command pit on the bridge. He obtains a phaser and aims it at Warp.

Tamarra spots Falco and makes an odd statement that she has everything she requires and it’s time to leave. Moments later a small boy runs across to her and climbs into her lap. This is the first time we meet Owain.

Falco seems to be almost superhuman as he avoids every effort made to subdue him. He manages to get away from the bridge crew, and a chase through the ship ensues.

In sickbay, Ceja has been screaming and begging to be released. This causes deep emotional pain to Aklar. Suddenly there is a strange sizzling noise from her bio bed and the restraints release themselves. She rolls to one side, and physically lashes out against Aklar to get free, then escapes despite the best efforts of Aklar and the sickbay team to stop her.

One of the two ships outside has been hit by Rayus’ barrage of phaser fire and is in trouble. It spins out of control.

Ceja causes a small explosion in sickbay to get away, and vanishes into the ship.

Some form of weapon has been used on the outpost. It seems to shimmer, and the scientists beg the Potemkin to save them. A number of small craft take off from the surface of the moon, a moment before explosions rock the facility. One of the craft heads for the Potemkin. Rayus, interpreting this as a threat requests to fire upon the ship.

The imposter Ceja and Falco get to one of the shuttles. It is disabled moments before they manage to secure it, and they are forced to take another. Despite increasingly desperate attempts to stop ‘Ceja’ from being taken by ‘Falco,’ they are successful in leaving the ship on another shuttle. Grimm manages to get onboard, but after a short conversation is beamed back to the Potemkin, his mission to prevent them escaping unsuccessful.

The small ship making its way to the Potemkin starts to transmit a signal to them. It is the Prime Dimension Ceja, stating that she and Falco are onboard and asking for Falco to be beamed directly to sickbay as he is badly hurt, and she to the bridge. This is done, eventually.

Aklar finds a small black box in sickbay and experiments with the buttons on it. he soon realizes it is a means to transport between the dimensions.

As soon as the stolen shuttle reaches Tamarra’s ship, the massive ship turns and leaves the system. The Potemkin is unable to prevent it from doing so.

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