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Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry: Part 3

The groups mingle for a short while, before the alternate version of Teagan Ceja decided that they were spending too much time worrying about unimportant things. She pulled a weapon from beneath her jacket, and killed the Alternate Rollands, who had sustained a knee injury while fleeing the factory area. Sure that they would not be slowed down, she insisted that the workers must continue with her plan to destroy the regieme in power. However, before they can do so, they must help the Potemkin Crew return to their own dimension.

The workers are reluctant to listen to someone who could callously murder someone in front of them, but eventually agree that they will help.

In the meantime, Warp stated that he would go, alone, to get the child away from Tamarra. Doctor Ceja refused to let him go by himself, pointing out that he is not only her captain, but her friend. They leave the main group, heading in the direction that they’d heard Tamarra’s voice from earlier.

Alternate Ceja lead the workers and remaining members of the away team to an old generator. Together they worked on getting it running, with members of both groups helping to do so. Once the generator was up and running, they moved to another room to get an obviously patched together machine working. This, Ceja informed them, was the way home for the Potemkin Crew.

Warp and Ceja find the bunker where Tamarra waited for them Owain nearby. During this time, Tamarra discovered that one of the workers, Sue-Anne, was pregnant. She immediately agreed that Owain could go with Warp and Ceja to their dimension. She left the bunker, heading for the generator and dimension rift machine.

Once the various groups come together again, things happen very quickly.

Tamarra singled out Sue-Anne and offered her a chance to raise her child in a better home. She grabbed Sue-Anne, and snags Alternate Falco, before vanishing in her trademark golden sparkles to wherever her personal transporters are set. A moment before vanishing, Tamarra rejected Owain, as he had ‘chosen’ Warp and Ceja over her, thus devastating the young child.

Wire, an alternate Tyler Arnet in this dimension, reluctantly agreed that he would fix the machine to get the Potemkin Crew back to their own dimension. He also told them that if he ever saw them again, he would not be as ‘nice’ to them. He also stated that he would seek out Tamarra and find Sue-Anne.

The episode ended as the machine fired into life, revealing the Caliburnus Institute ship beyond the rift. There is no resolution for the workers, nor Alternate Ceja, left behind.

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