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Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry: 1

Expecting to arrive on the Caliburnus Institute ship, several members of the Potemkin Crew found themselves nowhere near the alpha quadrant, nor even in the same dimension as the one they’d started from. Warp, Aklar, Ceja, Rollands and Melina stepped off the transporter pad in Tamarra James’ personal quarters instead

During this tea-time conversation, Tamarra seemed to target Melina, offering her the one thing that would change her life forever - the opportunity to ditch her environmental suit and never need it again. Melina turned down this offer. Part way through the conversation, a young boy arrived, running over to Tamarra and climbing into her lap. He appeared to be around six years old, with dark unruly hair, brown eyes that seemed to shift hue, and faint Trill-like spots patterning his skin.

Tamarra stated that she needed help with her son, Owain, as he had some medical issue that her people couldn’t solve. Ceja scanned Owain, and immediately refused to discuss the results of the scan, “no matter who his fathers are.”

In the meantime, in a factory in the industrial quarter of Carhaix, a sprawling city on the third planet of the Sol system, things were finally coming to a head. Years of quiet planning had gone into this one day. The day the factory would close. A close knit team of electrical workers, the ‘Juice Monkeys’ had been laying their plans, and along with the help of other workers caused an explosion that stopped the plant from producing power.

At more or less the same time, a man arrived in the transporter room. This turned out to be Doctor John “Jonesy” Jones, the ACMO of the USS Potemkin. He greeted Tamarra warmly, and it was soon established that he was actually Tamarra's brother.

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