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The Wrong Side Of The Dragon

The Wrong Side Of The Dragon

Stardate: 67582.3 August 1 2390

On the way to a diplomatic mission to Bolarus, the USS Potemkin vanished. All attempts by Starfleet to find or recover the ship failed. For two long weeks, there was no sign of where the ship might be.

In the meantime, the Potemkin was on the far side of a strange nebula known locally as The Dragon. Somehow the perceptions of the crew had been changed, and they believed they were one of the best, and most ruthless, mercenary crews in the quadrant. They had entered into one of the most hazardous races in the area - the Wyvern. This race was notorious for having a difficult route - carved into the interior of planets themselves. This year was no different.

With them on the ship were two ‘new’ additions to the crew - Commander Tamarra James and Commander Bom Mobom. Both had nebulous positions on the bridge crew, yet both were accepted as being part of the normal routine of the ship itself.

When the race began, the Potemkin had a ten second head start on the other ships, due to disabling at least one of the opposition in the days leading up to the race. The Potemkin took good advantage of this, with the crew working together to push the ship faster and faster.

Doctor Ceja arrived on the bridge shortly after the race started. Her demeanor quite different to normal, she seemed more at ease with herself and her surroundings. It was as though this was the Teagan that might have been, had the events on Mors not occurred.

The Potemkin held onto their lead using ace piloting, and more and a little strategic firepower. However, soon enough, they found themselves being overtaken as various systems in the ship, or smaller more maneuverable ships caught up to them.

The Potemkin was overtaken by Gernbod, a slightly insane Pakled captain, and his ship, the Giant Toe. Commander Bom immediately began to rant about Gernbod, with whom he apparently had some acrimonious history. Gernbod fired upon them and a strange metallic object attached itself to the underbelly of the ship. This, in turn, activated a Pakled virus into the ships systems.

Blackburn and Ricker decided to use a modification to the impulse engines, which shot the ship faster through the already dangerous tunnels. However, by doing so they incurred a 5 second penalty to the race time, and by pushing the already strained engines, in addition to the virus spread by the Pakled, caused the engines to fail!

The Potemkin, now in freefall towards the molten core of the planet, struggled to get some kind of control back over the ship. Bands of energy surround the beating heart of the planet, and it soon becomes apparent that these bonds were about to fail. Admiral Warp decided to use the inertia of the ship and the gravity of the planet’s core to ‘scoop’ the needed energy needed to kickstart the engines, during a slingshot maneuver around the core itself.

As the ship prepared to go into the risky maneuver, another of the competitors, the Juno, passed by. While they passed, they fired a shot at the lower levels of the ship itself. Immediately Bom and Tamarra expressed concern about what was happening, worried about systems on the ship becoming unstable.

Sure enough, almost immediately after the ship slingshot around the core, the sudden influx of antimatter overloaded several systems through the ship. Circuits failed, consoles sparked, and on deck thirteen there was an explosion that rocked not just the deck, but the people on the Potemkin as well.

The crew suddenly remembered who they truly are. They also recognized Tamarra. Grimm immediately stunned her, causing a sarcastic comment from Aklar that he was supposed to wait until the baddie had had a chance to tell all the details of her nefarious plot. Commander, once again Ambassador, Bom swore loudly, demanding to know how he got onto the ship. There was no hesitation accepting him into the group, and Warp threw him to work.

Tamarra was dragged to the brig. The Potemkin raced out of the planet with the incandescent molten core chasing them. Just as they escaped the planet, it collapsed upon itself, the fragile structure left by the tunneling unable to withstand the forces within.

Bom left the bridge, after spotting an overloading circuit on deck six. Moments later, someone stunned the crew in the brig, and Tamarra escaped. These two events may, or may not, be connected, as Bom later explained that he’d been captured on his way to Engineering.

Meanwhile, Melina discovered that the crew had been out of contact with Starfleet for 13 days. Arnet brought the communications array back online. And a shuttle quietly left the Potemkin. In an effort to stop them, Aklar tried to access the online computer of the shuttle, and Melina attempted to get a tractor beam working (only to find that the system had been sabotaged ).

A moment later, a message arrived from the shuttle to the Potemkin. Tamarra James greeted them, with a disoriented and upset Bom sitting beside her. She gloated openly about having gotten away from them. Once again, Tamarra referred to them as rats, scurrying around in a maze of her making.

Bom called out to Warp to destroy the shuttle, to kill Tamarra so that she could not hurt anyone else. Arnet quickly contacted Nguyen to beam Bom off the shuttle and for a split second it appeared that Nguyen, transporter chief extraordinaire, was successful. However, just as the characteristic blue sparkles latched onto Bom, Tamarra activated another device and she and Bom vanished in swirls of golden hued starfire. Once again, she had escaped.

The bridge crew stared at the screen, disappointed and sure that their friend had been kidnapped and whisked away to wherever Tamarra came from. Rollands began to try and find a location for the shuttle, whereas Aklar opined that they would not be able to find either of them. He was correct in this.

Moments later messages begin to pour in from Starfleet and other concerned individuals. Among them, a message from Bolarus. Ambassador Bom, safe on his homeworld, asking where they had been.. and didn’t they know that a giant statue of him had been made out of butter and where WERE you guys?

Tamarra had used their emotions against them them again.

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