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A Sense Of Trust

On the way to the Ruatha system, for a Starfleet mandated rest period, the Potemkin encountered a large amorphous creature that emitted a pulse similar to a weak ion storm to defend itself. Many of the ships systems failed for a short period of time, including inertial dampers, and shields. During this time, several people beamed onboard the Potemkin, taking advantage of the confusion to begin their work aboard the ship.

The first hint that the bridge crew had came in the form of a sudden change of image on the main screen. Instead of a slowly moving creature, they saw a bloodied Doctor Ceja, clutching her stomach with one arm, laying crumpled against a wall.

During the immediate outcry, several heavily armed guards slipped onto the bridge in order to protect their superiors. Two women, clad in skin tight leather uniforms arrived, introducing themselves as Tamarra James, Counselor of the ISS Lionheart and Captain Jayla Rollands, Commanding officer of the ISS Potemkin.

They set about creating a situation that was impossible. Provide the device that controls the Yex, or your people die. Simple enough, except that there was no such device. It was then that the Crew realized that Lt. Commander Rollands was also missing. Injured when the inertial dampers failed, she had been on her way to sickbay, and encountered the intruders.

Trapped off the bridge, Doctor Novar attempted to find a way there, but quickly fled when he realized what was happening. He began to hunt for Lt Commander Rollands.

All of the crew began to display signs of irritation, anger and emotional distress that they seemed unable to control. Tamarra showed her true self fairly quickly, informing Admiral Mitchell that he’d better do as he was told, or she would show him just how easy it is to eviscerate a trill. She kept notes on a small recording device that she kept with her. It took some time, but eventually it was overheard that she had pumped some kind of pheromones into the atmosphere, designed to induce aggression, rather than lust.

Captain Rollands kept the pressure on the bridge crew, and managed to wring a few personal confessions out of Commander Arnet regarding her counterpart in the prime universe.

Tamarra James, on the other hand, seemed to take delight in poking emotional wounds in them. She showed images of both Ceja slowly dying, and Rollands under guard, obviously beaten. Admiral Mitchell began to work on calming his emotions. Arnet seemed to revel in the fact he had emotions. Several of the other crew, Blackburn, Rayus, Kellen and Rickar, began to hatch plots and to find ways to take out the guards preventing them from overpowering the intruders upon the ship.

Captain Rollands kept the pressure on the bridge crew, and managed to wring a few personal confessions out of Commander Arnet regarding her counterpart in the prime universe.

Some of the crew managed to beam away to another location, only to find themselves surrounded by guards there too. Some fast talking on behalf of this team, and those guards were taken by surprise.

Aklar and Arnet figured out where Ceja was, as she’d managed to get one short message to them both. Using the fact that Captain Rollands’ personal guard was injured and needed specialized equipment, they convinced both she and Tamarra to let one of them off the bridge. Aklar was permitted to leave, with Tamarra as an escort.

No sooner had they left, than events began to move quickly. Arnet distracted Captain Rollands by pulling her to him and kissing her! This.. shocked ..the entire bridge crew, and drew the ire of her personal guard, Rexan, who had been showing increasing signs of jealousy as time progressed. This was the final straw as far as he was concerned and he attacked Arnet. In the ensuing argument, Warp rushed to his ready room, and began swapping isolinear crystals in a secure panel as fast as he could and was just able to finish his task. Arnet's strategy had worked (and he'd been able to satisfy a certain curiosity for himself at the same time).

Captain Rollands, realizing Warp's plan sent a massive amount of audio feedback into the area. By this time, she was also suffering from the effects of Tamarra’s experiment, and could no longer contain her temper. She began to lash out at everyone nearby.

Tamarra had withdrawn from the mayhem on the bridge, and was concentrating on some other unrevealed purpose. She and Aklar arrived at Deck 5. She admired the trill, and kept poking a small injury she’d given him earlier, just to see his reaction. Tamarra commented to Aklar that if she had been able to set this up in the manner she wanted, they would have all been able to watch her gut Ceja in person. This, it seemed, was the wrong thing to say, and Aklar charged Tamarra knocking her to the floor. He knelt over her, retrieving the blade that she’d used on both Ceja and he earlier, and kissed her by way of thanks for getting him off the bridge.

Tamarra seemed satisfied, and abruptly contacted Captain Rollands, announced that she had everything she needed, and left the ship. Confused, Rollands left shortly afterwards. Their guards following suit.

Doctor Novar had found and released Lt Commander Rollands. In doing so, he also rescued a lone Yex who seemed to sense that he meant no harm to it. Seeing as how the Yex are usually invisible, it may be difficult to determine if it is still on the ship or not.

Drogan was able to find Ceja, and seemingly just in time. Ceja lost consciousness, but not before she told him that she knew he’d come for her. Unsaid was the fact that her sense of trust had kept her going.

On the bridge, the crew tried to figure out exactly what had happened. It seemed that not a single person was not injured in some manner. Some potentially emotionally as well as physically.

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