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You'll Go Down in Commerce Day History

In attendance: Admiral Warp, Commander Bom, First Lt. Rollands, First Lt. Melina, Ensign Aklar, and Citizen Drosan

The Potemkin receives a garbled distress call from a ship lost in the mutara-class Fogg Nebula, and braves the electrical miasma to mount a rescue attempt. The ship in danger proves to be the Ferengi cargo ship "Cinta's Sleigh," under the command of DaiMon Cinta. Cinta had hired another Ferengi vessel, the Roodolf, under the command of DaiMon Olav, to guide him through the Fogg Nebula to the Ferengi colony of Peparment on Commerce Eve, so that he would arrive in time to sell collectible Marauder Moe variants (mint in the box) and wobbly-headed dolls to all the Ferengi boys and girls with latinum to spend. But after taking Cinta's Sleigh half-way into the nebula, Roodolf disappeared.

After "negotiations" with the Potemkin, Cinta is forced to accept a deal that reduces him to tears: in exchange for the Potemkin guiding him through the nebula, Cinta promises to give away his entire stock for free to the children of Peparment. But just as the Potemkin is about to lead Cinta's Sleigh to safety and save Commerce Day, the Roodolf reappears. DaiMon Olav means to steal Cinta's toys and leave the merchant for dead in the nebula, but the Potemkin intervenes, sending the Roodolf running with two well-placed photon torpedoes.

Reconfiguring the deflector dish to emit polarons in the red spectrum, the Potemkin is able to finally lead itself and Cinta's Sleigh to safety. Cinta, though despondent over his bargain to give away all his toys for free, could at least be sure of three things: first, that the Roodolf will never again be allowed to join in any revenue gains; second, that the events of the day will definitely go down in Commerce Day history; and third, as Rule of Acquisition #285 says, that no good deed goes unpunished. A rule, perhaps, that the Potemkin too should pay heed to...

Unhappily, DaiMon Cinta flies off to deliver toys--for free--to all the Ferengi boys and girls in Peparment, saying, "Merry Commerce Day to all, and to all a good flight."

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