A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


In attendance: Fleet Captain Mitchell, Captain Prax, Commander Arnet, Commander Bom, Lt. Commander Fuller, Lt. JG Rayus, First Lt. Rollands, Ensign Kur'al, Citizen Drosan

In the wake of the return of the Trai'Dar and Mr. Fuller, the Potemkin was a hotbed of activity. Assigned to patrol the Taurus Reach--the site for several reports of mysterious vessels popping in and out of systems--the Potemkin was on constant yellow alert. The Potemkin was at low warp, conducting a circuit of Erilon system on regular patrol.

While Arnet and Bom traded barbs on the bridge, Captain Mitchell asked sciences to keep a close watch for subspace disturbances, in case any of them might prove to actually be propulsion readings from the mysterious vessels the Potemkin was sent to investigate. While Bom went back to his pet project--temporal shielding--Rollands and Kur'al discovered faint audio signals.

The audio signals refused to play on the bridge's speakers, however. While sciences tried to solve the mystery, Captain Mitchell ordered the 'Tem to drop to impulse speed, at which point the audio signal was pinpointed--and was deemed to be heading straight for the Potemkin at just under light speed. Oddly though, the craft--whatever it was--would also not appear on the viewscreen.

Down in the October Lounge, Commander Bom, walking and thinking, stumbled upon Varric Drosan and accepted his invitation to sit and chat. While Bom tried to explain his ideas for temporal shielding to the reporter, Alcander Keats, a tall, good-looking Graeco-Roman Beta Shift Bridge Officer, sat down nearby.

As Bom continued to pump Drosan for information on classified temporal R&D projects Starfleet may or may not have been working on, whatever it was that was transmitting the audio signal in space passed by the Potemkin, and Captain Mitchell ordered pursuit. At science, Rollands was surprised to learn that the signal was unplayable because it contained teraquads of data, while in the October Lounge, Bom and Drosan were surprised to find Lt. Keats suddenly fall to the floor, spilling his drink.

Bom and Drosan called for a doctor, while on the bridge, the immense amount of information in the signal was debated. Keats eventually regained consciousness in the October Lounge, claiming to have heard "a voice...out in the void." When Doctor Arnet arrived, medical kit in hand, he quickly diagnosed the problem--not medically, but from experience. He had seen similar symptoms from Keats once before--when the Potemkin encountered a powerful being who called himself "Hercules." All Keats can tell the Doctor is that the message wasn't meant for him, specifically, and that it was a warning: "Do not enter. Do not open."

Not privy to the warnings being delivered in the October Lounge, Captain Mitchell ordered the information in the signal split between each of the Potemkin's holodecks for processing and presentation, if possible. As the holodecks struggled to process the information, energy was drained from systems across the ship. Lights went off, communications failed, and all power was suddenly diverted not to the holodecks, but to Transporter Room 2. At Captain Mitchell's summons, Lt. Nguyen dropped his knitting and headed straight for the transporter room to find out what was going on.

In the October Lounge, Keats seemed to be possessed anew by someone--or some thing--while down in the transporter room, a man appeared on the pad in front of Nguyen: a tall, dark haired, olived skinned man. After demanding Nguyen's clothes and getting a phaser pointed at him instead, the man threw Nguyen into the wall with a flick of his wrist. Making a fist he drew Nguyen's clothes off of him and onto his own body, and then went off in search of someone on the ship.

With Nguyen calling for security before being unceremoniously knocked unconscious, the ship was at red alert, and when the computer told the captain that Alcander Keats--the man around whom other visits from "Olympians" seem focused--was in the October Lounge, he ordered all non-essential personnel from Deck 8 and grabbed a phaser rifle. Taking the rest of the bridge crew with him, he dashed for the turbolift.

Back in the October Lounge, the ominous visitor had arrived and announced himself: he was, he claimed, Prometheus. While Arnet, Bom, and Drosan did their best to understand the self-proclaimed god's intentions, the bridge crew burst in, led by Captain Mitchell. As tensions mounted, Keats begged Bom to use the Mark of Zeus to defeat Prometheus. Bom, necessarily skeptical, didn't quite believe Keats' claim that the Bolian could take some of Prometheus's power and use it against him.

Prometheus, meanwhile, warned of the coming of Helios, the Sun King, and claimed he alone was capable of stopping him. Keats continued to warn Bom that PRometheus was unstable, however, and urged the engineer to strike him down, as unlikely as that seemed. With that particular talent he has for getting under people's skin, Drosan soon earned the ire of Prometheus, and before anyone could think to stop him, the god threw Drosan across the room. When Bom challenged the being over his actions, Prometheus made to strike him too--but was unable to do it.

Seizing the moment and going with his gut, Bom channeled the power of Keats' words and took a swing himself, knocking Prometheus to the floor and stunning everyone, himself included. But even with the threat of a newly strengthened Bom, Prometheus still attacked Keats, lancing out at him with electricity before Bom could force him to stop. "Thousands of years of imprisonment in a form that can't die? Punishment enough.... I choose to die now... and you... you get to live," Prometheus told Keats, just before Rollands, on Captain Mitchell's orders, transported him off the ship and into the cold vacuum of space.

Prometheus's words made sense when Keats made more than a miraculous recovery--he began to shimmer. Hyperion had returned, freed from his bonds by the spark of life from the "mad but brilliant" Prometheus. Keats/Hyperion asked to stay on board the Potemkin until the Sun King was found, as he had "a feeling you will need me should it come to that." As Bom, who just the moment before been slugging gods, tried in vain to get the bottle-cap off an orange soda, Nguyen rushed in with the news that, after ten minutes, the pattern in the buffer had finally sent, and Prometheus was gone.

Nguyen, alas, was still naked.

NOTE: This sim marked Mr. Kur'al's first appearance.

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